Friday, December 3, 2010

Miss being busy?

No way.

I am loving all the new challenges this new chapter in my life have brought.  Has all of it been easy?

No way.

I am now without children during the day and got a part time job.  Has it been fun?

No way.

I do look forward to the time of day I see my little ones run up the sidewalk with arms wide open and yelling "Mommy!"  Unfortunately, recent medical issues have kept me from enjoying much time playing with them because of pain.  Has any of that stopped me from baking yummy goodness for them?

No way!

Christmastime is here and the time to celebrate the most wonderous reason for the season is approaching fast.  Does that cause me to worry that I'm unprepared?

No way.

Taking it slow. One day at a time. One batch of batter at a time.

Now off to eat some pumpkin pie someone else made for me.