Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not mine...but a giveaway none the less!

Only if you have been hiding under a rock do you have any excuse to not know who The Pioneer Woman is.  Just in case you don't know who she is and so you don't think I'm judging you harshly, I'm sure the rock you were under is a pretty one and very comfy :)

For the thousands of men, women and children (and my 16 readers) who know who Ree Drummond is, you probably know about her giveaways.  And if you don't, this is your lucky day!

Now, why am I sharing another blogger's post?  Well, just look at this:

(Beautiful, custom mixer designed by Nicole at Un Amore )

Can you believe she is giving away THREE of these!  How cool is that?!!

Plus, she is also including her cookbook in the giveaway:


Go over to her site. You'll love it. And enter the contest. I hope you win! Well, I hope I win but if I don't...I hope it's YOU! :)

I'm giddy just looking at it!
Happy Baking!